Tired of AdSense? Migrate your content to Amazon links with no rewriting!

I’m tired of Adsense and I know lots of other people are too. Don’t get me wrong: There’s good money to be made with Adsense and I’ve done it. However, I don’t like depending on Google for both traffic and monetization. Furthermore, the reality is that AdSense is the bottom of the affiliate pyramid: in most cases, you’re selling a click for a few cents that someone else turns into a lucrative sale.

I’ve been migrating my existing AdSense sites over to Amazon Associates monetization and not only has my income improved, but I’m happier knowing that I’m no longer one canceled adsense account away from losing a big chunk of income. (In general, Amazon is much more lenient than Google since you’re paid when a sale is made instead of just a click.)

The first step is to decide which Amazon product to promote based on the content you already have. If your content for Adsense is product-related, it’s easy: Amazon sells virtually everything. If your content is more conceptual and not explicitly product-related, think of the most directly related product on Amazon. In the worst case, there’s guaranteed to be a relevant book of some kind.

A few other tips on selecting products on Amazon: In general, it’s better to select a more expensive item since your commission will be greater. It also helps to choose products that have at least 10 reviews and a rating of at least 3 stars: This helps provide social proof for your users: “Everyone else buys this and they like it, so it’s probably good for me too.”

Placing your links to Amazon requires a bit more subtlety just putting a big AdSense block in your content. First, you’ve probably seen that Amazon offers a wide selection of semi-attractive widgets and banners: In general, you shouldn’t use any of them if you want to make good money! Instead, the main proven ways to drive users to Amazon are clickable product images and simple in-content text links to Amazon. It doesn’t hurt to have a few links in your content, e.g. once at the beginning and again at the end. Don’t make the mistake of having a product image that isn’t clickable! In most cases, you’ll want to remove your AdSense ad blocks.

I believe that future content for Amazon will be easier to write since it’s straightforward to talk about products and their benefits. For new content, it’s a good idea to focus on more expensive Amazon products to maximize your earnings. It’s also a good idea to nofollow your Amazon affiliate links since otherwise you’re helping Amazon compete in the search rankings against you!

If you’re not confident in your ability to pick the right products, bring in the right traffic and make sure that traffic ends up buying on Amazon, I strongly recommend you check out a proven blueprint and step-by-step plan for making money with Amazon like Info Product Killer or the Amazonian Profit Plan. Both provide an easy-to-follow plan for writing reviews that sell Amazon products and how to bring the right buyers to your site.